Wiper Blade Repair from JJ’s Auto Care in Jacksonville, FL

Wiper Blade Repair from JJ’s Auto Care in Jacksonville, FL

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Everyone knows that routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations are essential, but when was the last time you replaced your wiper blades?

Whether it’s at a drive through oil change or a full-service garage like ours, most drivers will say “no thanks” when a technician asks about wiper blade repair and replacement. Afterall, you can just replace them later, right?

By the time you notice a problem with your wipers, it’s usually when they’re not working properly and that’s too late.

That’s why JJ’s Auto Care offers wiper blade repair inspections with each service visit. By ensuring your wipers are in working condition whenever you get your vehicle serviced, you’re keeping your car, truck or SUV safe for the road at all times.

Wiper Blade Safety

There are a few safety issues that can be caused by wiper blades that are old, damaged or installed incorrectly. Here some common problems you can avoid by keeping up with periodic wiper blade repair or replacement:

Wipers will usually leave some streaks on your windshield, but when the smear in both directions, the residual smudges can hinder visibility or even completely block the view of the road from the windshield.

The sound of your wipers chattering or skipping against your windshield isn’t just annoying — it can also mean the wiper is installed incorrectly. When this happens, drivers will usually increase wiper speeds, leading to faster erosion of the blade. In the end, the wiper will stop working altogether.

Light, one-directional streaks on a windshield are common in cool weather, but when thick, opaque streaks start appearing in warm climates like Jacksonville, FL, your wipers blades will need to be replaced to avoid worsening visibility issues.

Wiper Blade Repair

Fixing your wiper issues doesn’t always mean installing a new set of wipers. In fact, many of the safety issues above can be resolved with simple maintenance or cleaning.

For example…

Chattering and skipping may just mean your wipers were installed incorrectly. A technician should be able to recognize if this is the case and simply remove and replace your current wipers.

Other issues like smearing and streaking can be caused by grease buildup. In this case, wiping the blades with a window-cleaning solution and disposable rag can keep them working for months.

Whatever the cause may be, be sure to let one of our technicians know if you’re having issues with your wipers. We’ll always try to fix your blades first before selling you a new pair!

When Should You Replace Your Wipers?

Wiper blades will always wear out over time. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and consider replacing your wipers every six months. By replacing your wipers periodically, you’re ensuring that your vehicle is always ready for hazardous weather.

Not sure if you really need new wipers?

Our technicians will always offer to inspect your wiper blades as part of a service visit. If your they cannot be fixed, we stock a selection of excellent wiper blades on hand at a great value.

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