Top Preventative Maintenance Recommendations for Jacksonville Drivers

Top Preventative Maintenance Recommendations for Jacksonville Drivers

Keep your car running on Florida roads longer with these recommended preventative maintenance tips.

Preventative auto care is a universal chore, but depending on where you drive, you may need to check up on certain car functions more frequently.

In Jacksonville, heat and humidity have a unique impact on different parts of your vehicle, and to prevent a more expensive auto repair down the line, preventative maintenance on components related to your cooling system is very important.

Below are some of the most important types of preventative care you can perform on your car to keep it running safely on Florida roads for longer.

Water Pump Checkup

Your water pump is a central piece of your vehicle’s cooling system. Without it, coolant won’t flow through your motor’s hoses and your engine will overheat.

Jacksonville’s warmer weather puts your vehicle’s water pump under a bit more pressure than in other regions, so it’s very important to have this component checked every time you visit our garage.

Coolant Leaks

Keeping coolant flowing through your engine is critical in a consistently hot environment.

Leaks in the rubber hoses that deliver coolant to your engine components reduce the system’s efficiency and can even cause your car to overheat — not to mention they smell awful.

Periodically checking your vehicle for coolant leaks is an important part of car ownership in Jacksonville and a necessary step in any scheduled maintenance visit.

Tire Inspections

There’s no way around it — tires wear out more quickly here.

Jacksonville’s hot asphalt is tough on rubber, plus the increased air pressure from heatwaves means a worn-out tire is at greater risk of a blowout.

Check your tire pressure regularly to prevent over-inflation and be sure to ask if it’s time for new tires each time you have a scheduled auto shop visit.

Car Battery Care

For most cars, the only type of preventative maintenance you can perform on a battery is to simply let it run out of charge.

However, extreme heat causes batteries to wear out sooner than needed, so simply parking your car in a shady area can help it last longer.

But that’s not all…
Humid, salty air can lead to corrosive buildup on your battery’s terminal connectors even though they are under the hood. Removing buildup with baking soda and water is important to keep those connectors from wearing out.

Frequent Oil Changes

Cars that use convention oil or conventional/synthetic blends should generally have oil changed every 5,000 miles, but you may want to check the oil every 3,000 miles during Florida’s summer months due to extreme heat.

Extreme heat causes oil to run thinner and burn quicker, so more frequent checkups are a good idea.

Don’t want to check that often?
Switch to a full-synthetic oil! These types of motor oil maintain their viscosity in a wider range of temperatures — even the hottest Florida summers.

By keeping up with these kinds of preventative maintenance tasks, your car, truck, or SUV will be well-equipped to handle the heat and humidity.

And remember…
When you need help keeping up on preventative maintenance JJ’s Auto Care is a local, trusted expert for auto repairs, maintenance and more.