Hybrid Vehicle Engine Oil Change Facts

Hybrid Vehicle, Oil Change, Engine Oil

Hybrid Vehicle Engine Oil Change Facts

Hybrid Vehicle, Oil Change, Engine OilMore auto manufacturers now offer hybrid vehicle options, so more motorists have purchased them for the first time. It makes sense to provide some quick facts on basic hybrid maintenance. Below, I will explain how hybrid vehicles work, how often to schedule a hybrid oil change, and which weight engine oil to use.

How Hybrid Vehicles Work

Hybrid vehicles operate two different power sources for propulsion: electricity and internal combustion. Since hybrids use electricity part of the time, they rely less on traditional fossil fuels, thus reducing emissions and increasing the MPG (miles per gallon) performance.

Modern hybrid vehicles use three different energy-generating resources:

  • An internal combustion engine (like a traditional vehicle)
  • An electric motor (like an all-electric-vehicle)
  • Battery pack(s)

Hybrid vehicles generate power through an internal combustion engine and an electric motor that stores energy in battery packs. Regenerative braking and the internal combustion engine continuously recharge the battery.

Does My Hybrid Need An Oil Change?

To keep things simple, yes, your hybrid vehicle needs an oil change just as frequently as a regular car. Even though hybrids don’t use their combustion engine as often as traditional vehicles, a routine oil change is still required. The timing and mileage markers may vary depending on your hybrid type. Read your owner’s manual for a factory-specific maintenance schedule. Failing to follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals can cause damage to the combustion engine and lead to costly repairs.

But here’s some good news: the electric motor in your hybrid vehicle is sealed and does not require oil change maintenance.

Hybrid Engine Oil Change Intervals

While hybrid vehicles typically use less oil than traditional cars, adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations is essential. The oil change intervals are similar for all vehicles, depending on which type of hybrid you drive. Remember, engine oil degrades over time, whether in use or not. Here are some basic rule-of-thumb guidelines:

  • If using conventional engine oil, change it every 5,000 miles. 
  • If using synthetic oil, change it every 7,000 to 10,000 miles. 

Synthetic oils can be more costly than conventional oil, but their longer life and chemical additives make them worth the extra cost.

Hybrid Vehicle Engine Oil

Many hybrid vehicle manufacturers recommend using 0W20 oil instead of 5W20 or 10W30, as in traditional combustion engine cars. For example, Toyota recommends 0W20 synthetic engine oil for the 2010 to 2017 Prius models. Always use the engine oil type and weight recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer to avoid voiding the warranty or damaging your car.

Hybrid Engine Oil Change in Jacksonville 

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