Four of the Most Common Auto Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

Four of the Most Common Auto Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

Here are some of the most frequent car troubles we hear about and why they happen.

Living and driving in the greater Jacksonville area is pretty sweet deal. From a hot urban scene to the 22 miles of saltwater beach, there’s a lot to see and do — and drive to!

Owning a car in this area comes with some unique auto care, so we’ve put together a list of some common repair and maintenance jobs we perform and why they happen.


Jacksonville is known for having warm temperatures year-round with some intense heat in the summer. This means that any car, truck, or SUV on the road in the area experiences some extra strain on its cooling system compared to more mild climates.

When cooling systems reach their limit, your car can overheat.

Here is why that happens…

Broken water pump.

This is the part of your cooling system that pushes coolant through the engine. When an over-worked pump shuts down, the vehicle overheats.

Leaky seals.

The hoses that transport coolant though your car can wear out over time — a common issue in any climate. Leaky seals mean less coolant is available to help your engine “chill out.”

Bad radiator.

A radiator will cool down used coolant as it cycles through the engine. A taxed radiator can shut down, leaving heated coolant pumping through your engine.

When your car overheats, all sorts of components can be damaged. It’s important to check the water pump, coolant hoses and radiator regularly to prevent this type of costly auto repair.

Battery Problems

Did you know? Heat exposure causes battery fluids to evaporate faster. Our local climate is taxing on car batteries, especially in the summer months.

A dead battery is one of the most common reasons we receive a call that a car suddenly won’t start, and avoiding dead batteries is actually pretty easy — just get your battery inspected regularly (especially if its older than three years).

JJ’s Auto Care can perform a quick check on your battery health any time, and we carry high-quality replacements, so you won’t get stranded.

Worn Tires

Hot asphalt or cement is tough on your tires.

Heated rubber often means that your tire pressure will be a bit higher than recommended, resulting in:

  • Quicker wear on your tire tread
  • Harsh rides that wear out the suspension
  • Handling problems
  • Blown tires

Replacing tires, a bit more frequently is part of owning a car in Jacksonville but checking your tire pressure often can help prevent more serious issues like a blowout or damaged suspension.

Synthetic Oil Changes

Conventional oil tends to run thinner and lose some viscosity in warmer climates. This limits the oil’s ability to properly lubricate your engine components resulting in rougher wear-and-tear on every moving part of the motor.

Pure synthetic oil works well in a much wider range of temperatures, and we highly recommend switching to synthetic for Jacksonville drivers with every oil change — especially for older cars.

Whatever car problems you may encounter while you’re staying mobile in this city, JJ’s Auto Care is a local expert in all types of preventative maintenance and auto repair.

We’re here to help your car stay on the road longer with quality service that has a great reputation with our neighbors.