Choosing Brake Pads For A 2005 Ford Escape

Brake Pads, Ford Escape, OEM Parts, Replacement Parts

Choosing Brake Pads For A 2005 Ford Escape

Brake Pads, Ford Escape, OEM Parts, Replacement PartsChoosing the correct replacement parts can be confusing when it comes to auto maintenance on older vehicles. OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) may no longer be in production. And since few auto repair shops carry old stock, the parts can be challenging to locate. Luckily, replacement parts from aftermarket sources are available for 2005 Ford Escape brake pads even after Ford has discontinued the OEM Parts. 

Ford Escape: OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Which option is better for your 2005 Ford Escape? Well, let’s look at some facts. OEM parts are guaranteed to be an exact replacement for what was originally factory-installed on your vehicle. Sometimes, only OEM parts are acceptable for warranty, recalls, and insurance repairs. However, the OEM support may have ended for obsolete models or older vehicles. If this happens, aftermarket parts may be your only replacement option.

  • The same company that supplies the automobile factory manufactures the OEM parts. Originally, OEM parts were only available through authorized dealerships. More recently, you can now purchase OEM parts at retail stores, qualified auto repair shops, and online stores.
  • Aftermarket suppliers design and manufacture replacement parts to look and function like an OEM part. However, these parts are made by a company competing with the OEM supplier. Aftermarket parts have always been available at your neighborhood auto parts stores. Their popularity has recently skyrocketed through DIY auto enthusiasts shopping online.

Choosing Brake Pads

Always choose the brake pads recommended by the manufacturer for your Ford Escape. This information can be obtained by reading your owner’s manual. Consult your local auto parts store or repair shop for guidance if you no longer have your manual. The most common types of brake pads are:

  • Organic brake pads: Made from a mixture of fibers and binding resins. They provide quiet operation and low dust production. 
  • Semi-metallic brake pads: A combination of metal fibers and fillers. They offer improved heat dissipation and better performance in high-temperature conditions. 
  • Ceramic brake pads: Composed of ceramic fibers and non-ferrous fillers. They provide excellent braking performance, reduced noise, and minimal dust production. 

Finding a Reliable Auto Shop

Since 1991, JJ’s Auto Care, a family-owned and operated company, has been Jacksonville’s top automotive repair facility. As the only shop in Jacksonville to have earned the Blue Seal of Excellence by the Automotive Service Excellence, you can count on us to provide quality repairs.

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Schedule a Ford Escape Brake Pads Inspection

Maintaining the safety and performance of your 2005 Ford Escape requires regular brake maintenance. Investing in brake service, repairs, and replacement parts gives you the confidence to drive anywhere. Let JJ’s Auto Care inspect your brake pads and verify they will stop when needed.

Quality Brake Pads Repair in Jacksonville, FL

Schedule a brake check-up with our certified mechanics today to ensure the braking safety and performance of your 2005 Ford Escape. Call JJ’s Auto Care at (904) 721-6646 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.